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Blackjack advantage

Blackjack advantage – the worst playing game!

Blackjack books are the most widespread gambling books today. This fact means that online casino blackjack is the most popular casino game today. Moreover blackjack is one of the few casino games where the player can get an advantage over the casino. It is not and has easy rules to learn thus practically every gambler will have the opportunity to start playing it from the very beginning.  Presented below an introductory description will help you learn the basic rules of blackjack.

Blackjack advantage is really evident. The basic principle of Blackjack bets is the following. Each card in the pack has a certain number of points. The main aim of the gambler is to get 21 points or the closest number in order to have the number of points larger than the dealers’ one. The gamblers that manage to get 21 points not only get the blackjack combination but win the bet in 3:2.
Free blackjack games are played with 1-8 packs. decks. The more cards in the pack, the greater the advantage of the casino, and vice versa. Most of the gambling houses provide a limited number of tables with one or more decks, although some casinos don’t give this kind of choice to the gamblers.
Typically, the minimum bet in blackjack is $ 5 and the maximum can range from $ 100 to $ 50,000. Each gaming table is allowed up to 6 players, the cards are dealt clockwise or RTL from the dealer. Dealer always completes the last game.
The game begins as soon as the first player makes a bet. The cards are dealt as soon as the dealer tells the players that the rates are no longer accepted. All the gambler cards are dealt face down, the dealer also gets two cards and turns one of them up. The gamblers are to choose the best option from a number of possible moves after they have distributed 2 initial cards.
Often the players do not take any cards, if their cards amount makes out from 16 to 21 and take many cards if the cards amount is 11 or below. The gambler can take as many cards as he want until he picks up 21 points.
As far as blackjack cards values are concerned they are the following:
– The cards from 2 to 10) coincide with their face values.
– Jacks and queens mean 10;
– Ace means 1 or 11 according to the most advantageous bonus situation.